Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hearthstone: The Plague Quarter

This week the second wing of Naxxramas was released. Once more we had to deal with the three bosses from a particular Quarter, this time Plague. After that two Class Challenges, and then on top of that the same three bosses on Heroic difficulty. I will say, this week's bosses were tough nut to crack. I am still trying to beat Heigan and Loatheb on Heroic. Mainly because Noth managed to suck all the fun out of it.

My Mage deck was able to clear the first boss after my Paladin and Warlock turned out to be useless against Noth. I cleared Heigan and Loatheb with the help of my Paladin deck. I must admit that I do not really enjoy some of these bosses. I could swear that the game depends much more on sheer luck than it does on the deck you are having. How the game will end depends on what happens to be in your opening hand. If it is a wrong set of cards, you might as well start over. This is especially true on Heroic Mode.

Class challenges this week were not great fun either in my case. I suffered it through, in order to get the class cards, but I could swear they depended more on luck than on the skill. And I really dislike such games, where victory is out of my reach, and the outcome of the dame depends fully on the mood the fate is currently in. I hate that. Eventually I beat the Mage and Hunter Class Challenges. Now I am left with the last two bosses on Heroic difficulty.

I beat Noth the Plaguebringer with modified Ramp Druid. Personally, I think summoning a 5/5 skeleton after enemy minion dies is too strong. It does not cost mana, and acts as passive ability. If anything, it should act as a secret. It should be set in advance, because currently there are few decks that can take Noth by their own merits. Most of the decks still rely heavily on luck. And while this is a card game, luck should not be the factor that decides the winner.

I am currently on the fence if I really want to beat Loatheb, and Heigan right now. I remember the frustration of playing against Noth, and have no real desire to go through that again with Heigan or Loatheb. It is just not fun. It is boring, just staring at the screen knowing there is nothing you can do to turn the game around. It feels pointless, like trying to knock down a brick wall with your forehead. You can try all you want, at the end, it will not be the wall who is bleeding, suffering from a headache and a mild concussion.

Also, we need more slots for decks. I do not know where the idea that players cannot handle more than nine decks came, but what I really cannot handle is the need to delete a deck every so often, to make place for a deck to beat one boss and then delete it to make place for previously made deck. It is unnecessary, redundant even. You would not believe it, but when you play a game, you kinda know what decks you are using, and where you put them. Give us nine more slots, it will still look the same, now we will just be able to scroll down until we find the decks we want.

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