Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Power of Transmog: Silvermoon Champion

We have all at one point probably see the intro cinematic of Warcraft III. If you did not, now would be the high time to do so. In it, there is an orc fighting a human on what seems to have been at some other time a peaceful and serene plain that never knew anything about war and the destruction brought by war. What is more, the human is wearing an armour that with time came to be more recognisable as something pertaining to the Alliance than their lion, or even their battlecry.

The armour set that Stormwind Guards continue to use to this day in form of Imperial Plate set, is recognisable as the Alliance at the first sight. And that will continue to be so even in Warlords of Draenor, when the armour set will get much needed face-lift. And if Light has any mercy black/red recolour as well. And so, I decided to put together a set that would look pretty much the same, with the difference that it would be in the colours closer to the Horde, or if that was impossible, at least red and gold, and because it's Silvermoon, it must be majestic. That last, was possible, and what we got ourselves here, is the set fit for any adventurous knight that ever left Silvermoon.

Now, to complete this armour set, you will need to venture in a lot of the old raids. Or, if you are lucky enough after all the realms being merged, you could probably find some of the pieces on the auction house. Weapons, are the only thing that are "newer" and even those are found in the raids, or vendors of the Burning Crusade. At the level 90, it should be soloable for any Paladin, Warrior or Death Knight who might wish to look the part. You can find all the possible items that go with the set here.

If you decide to pick all the pieces by yourself, know that Conqueror pieces drop in the Burning Crusade dungeons and raids, while Hyperion pieces of armour drop in the vanilla raids. The boots are from Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, while the shield and sword can both be obtained from the Shattered Sun Quartermaster.

Here is the itemlist:
Some alternative weapons, shields, and pauldrons that also go well with the armour set are:

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