Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Something Rotten in the Land of Game Journalism

Three days wearing toga from morning to sunset in order to honour 2000th anniversary of our beautiful capital, and I almost missed the clusterfuck that hit the fan last week over the pond. I apologise for the language in advance, but we have to call the manure by its name. As it turns out, we already have enough liars, hypocrites, and people of questionable morals and ethics that plague the game industry. No need for me to wrap it in a nice paper just for the sake of appearance. If you ask me, a thorough purge should be in order, as it seems these esteemed "journalists" are a disgrace for that calling. Even sophists of old had more spine than any of the snakes directly connected with the affair called Zoe Quinn.

I tried to stay away from the similar topics for quite some time now. Believe me, I had much to say, but it would be mostly the things I already said. And since I still recall the last lashing I got because I dared say that quality should be more important than quantity, and that personal agenda should have nothing to do with games I decided to pass until now on these topics.
Cynical Brit, and Internetaristocrat explain the whole fiasco very well. Internetaristocrat even has a follow-up. So I will just focus on the integrity of people involved in this scandal, that most gaming websites seem to treat like some sort of taboo.

Fuck them all!

I am sick and tired of all the white knights of internet ridden by imaginary guilt and all the radical feminists because of which feminism lost its relevance in the modern age. They make me sick and tired. I find it disgusting how they always try to find some dirt where there is none to find. I find it tiresome how they actively push their agenda of hatred, and try to besmirch anyone who dares to question their motives, or God forbid, their methods. I am sick of them. And I had enough. Those people do not know what it means to have a normal conversation, they do not understand how argumentation works, they have no idea what discussion is. They just scream over anyone saying anything sensible like a flock of maddened harpies.

But they are not the real problem in this matter. Without someone to focus their ire they are just a bunch of toothless rabid dogs who try to howl at the moon but no sound beside weird gurgling comes out of their mouths. Like the maddened sons of Lycaon. The real problems are those that give them imaginary cause to rally behind. Those people, the journalists, are not doing it because they believe in the cause, but because they have their own agenda and profit from doing it. White knights are just the mindless mob they direct in any direction they want.

I am all for equality of men and women. (you see that sentence. It makes me sick that I even need to write it down in order for white knights not to get any additional ideas. Equality is where I come from the default, not a bonus content you need to mark in order to get, fees included.)
But that has nothing to do with games. What equal representation? A Game, just like a book, a film, a picture, a statue or any other piece of art should never be subjected to the notion of political correctness. Can you imagine someone coming to Michelangelo and saying: Hey man, why did you make David a man? You need to make Davida now. And when he does, they accuse Michelangelo of sexism. Simply because Davida is as nude as David. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

When it comes to games I want as realistic characters in games as possible. And I want those characters to actually serve the story and the game. But what I do not want, is that you bring in your personal shit into my pastime. Your political agendas, leave them out!

If you want politics in games, make a game where politics is integral. Make a game based on Plato's State, Machiavelli's Ruler, Caesar's Gallic War, or even Orwell's 1984. When we talk politics in game, I want those politics to actually be relevant to the game. Like Papers Please or Democracy series. Everything has its time and place, and people need to learn where that time and place is.

I do not care who Zoe Quinn fucked in order to get a good review for her game. I do not care if she fucked 3, 5, or 100 different people. That is not my problem. For all I care, she can fuck all the people she wants, can, and they are willing. What I do care, is when Zoe's fuckers come to be the same people that review her game. That is a personal bias right there, and any sensible person should distance itself right away.

I understand that developers will stop at nothing to promote their game. They are the devil whispering in your ear, snake convincing you to take that apple. And that is why game journalists should keep their distance. Act like stoics, like a fucking rock. Like Caesar divorcing Pompeia after a man was caught who wanted to seduce her. Caesar did not divorce because of infidelity, but because of integrity. As he said, his wife ought not even to be under suspicion. This is the integrity I come to expect from journalism. If they feel even slightly compromised, they should distance themselves from the matter by themselves.

I really do not care how many lies Zoe Quinn told her boyfriend. That is on her conscience, and him for putting up with her lies. What I have problem with is, that Zoe Quinn actually destroyed lives of the innocent people, who did nothing wrong and had only best intentions for the game's industry, like those who tried to organise Polaris Game Jam. I have a problem with it because it shows the nepotism going around in game's industry.

We all know the gaming industry is not perfect. Far from it. It probably has more flaws than merits, but we still endure because of the love we have for the medium. But this shit needs to stop, and all major gaming websites shutting the debate, ignoring it, and banning anyone daring to say something are just treating the problem as something that will go away. That is plain wrong. It only shows how deep the problem goes. How rotten every single of those "journalists" are. I got a bone to pick with those "journalists" as they actually allowed their integrity, if they ever had any, get in question. Any work, review, analysis, or critique they ever did is now under a question. They had sex with Zoe, what else did the get from other game developers?

It is obvious we cannot trust these people anymore. I do not know how other people deal with liars, but in my eyes, they lose all credibility once caught. They are hypocrites, and while we are talking about hypocrites, one of the men Zoe Quinn slept with is Nathan Grayson, the very same one who wrote his critique of how Blizzard treats women. The very same who reviewed Quinn's game, the very same Grayson who tore Game Jam's organisers to pieces, because of Quinn's accusations of sexism. He called one of the organisers in his article, a misogynist. Now let us examine Grayson for a bit.

Morally ambiguous? Unethical? Corrupt? Unprofessional? Crooked? Those are just some of the words we could pin on Grayson when it comes to his work as a professional games "journalist". He is a sellout. He has no integrity, no honesty, no face. He is the Brutus of game journalism, stabbing the knife in the back of the gamers who relied on him. And the man has no fucking idea what misogyny is.

You don't get to ascribe a new meaning to the word just because it suits you. Misogyny is hatred of women. Nothing more, nothing less. If you hate a woman because she is a liar, a hypocrite, and a manipulator, that is not misogyny. If you hate a certain woman because she ruined your whole event because she got greedy, and then got her cronies on your back, that is not misogyny either. Misogyny is when you hate that woman, because she is a woman, not because of the things she did to you.

 As I see it, there is only one solution available. None of these hypocrites will lose their job. They will still continue to do what they do best, sell their readership to the highest bidder. They only care for themselves. And since we don't punish liars like they used to, cutting their tongues out, we have different measures. For starters, kill the interest. Do not allow them to further their twisted agendas. Because it became obvious they are not doing it out of goodness of their heart, but because they profit from it.

It became apparent through this that game journalists are corrupt individuals with no remorse. Instead of putting on a sackcloth and sitting in ashes, repenting and begging for our forgiveness they show no pity, no shame for their actions. Instead they try to silence anyone questioning their integrity, banning people, and in general putting the whole matter under a rug. You know what, if they want so much to silence us, then they can go fuck themselves. They seem to be doing it on regular basis anyway. I will just get my reviews from the sources I know I can trust instead. They might not have the same reach as Polygon, Rock, Paper, Shotgun or Kotaku, but they at least have integrity.

Seriously, how low did the game journalism fall when 4chan is one of the few beacons of integrity?

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    1. I was tempted to introduce ban on stupidity regarding the comments, when I read this. Ultimately I decided against it. Not because I would support something like this, but because this can be everlasting reminder of stupidity, both to the rest of us who read it, and the author of the comment itself.

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