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Warlords Cinematic, Release Date, and Lefthander Maraad

After all was said and done, we have not learnt much about the Warlords of Draenor on the first day of Gamescom. Nothing really new. Most of it was only recapping what we already knew from Blizzcon without mentioning anything they cut until now. We got to see the cinematic, and could witness the first part of what seems to be an interesting animated series titled Lords of War. I will write about it as it goes on, but aside from that not much actual information. The game will be released on November 13th. This might go very wrong when we take in consideration that 10th anniversary is only a week or so after the release.

Maybe it is just the general disillusionment, but I feel this is their weakest cinematic to date for what concerns World of Warcraft. There is just too much of everything. It wants to be as cinematic as Cataclysm, as deep as Wrath of the Lich King, and as dynamic as Mists of Pandaria. It is too much of everything. And this is why it falls short. They should have decided for one approach, not trying to mash all three different things together and hoping something great would come out. Maybe that is the general impression of Warlords of Draenor as well. Trying to be something that is not. Betting on nostalgia is in my opinion a bad move on the long term.

I mean, something is seriously wrong when Garrosh is able to steal the show by just being Garrosh. That just sounds wrong. Garrosh is being the Garrosh presented in War Crimes, not the douche we had to deal with for more than two years. You know, Garrosh from the books actually has a personality, and is quite charismatic on top of that. Another pet peeve of mine is how they made Grom. Grom was always described as lean, tall, and slender. He was not feared because of his physical prowess. Yes, he was a capable fighter, but it was not the size of his muscles that made him feared even among his own race.

Grom was the devil's incarnate. He was charismatic, his scream could pierce the hearts of his enemies, his skill was close to unrivalled. There were other capable warriors among the orcs, and yet Grom stood out among the best of the best. Because of his personality. It was not flowers and sunshines with Grom, but he was not just a mountain of muscles that did what others told him to. He was ready to sacrifice all for more power, and he was conscious of how high that sacrifice would be. If somebody ever deceived Grom, it was Grom himself.

He was not the calculating mastermind like Gul'dan. No, our good old Grom was genuinly crazy. A sociopath, lunatic, or maniac are just words. They do not even come close to the true extent of what Grom was. In the cinematic though, Grom is just another orcish brute, a neanderthal ready to crack skulls and fight wars. Nothing even close to charismatic about him. Even his presence appears like a show with which he holds other at a distance instead of something that would inspire awe, fear, and respect.

I will discuss Lords of War in the following weeks. Let me just say one thing. Maraad is a LEFTHANDER! Why cannot we be lefthanders in the game? You don't believe me? Take a look at the picture. You still doubt me? Take another look at this video. And before someone tells me I am mistaken, Maraad is a Paladin. That means only things he can hold in his OFF HAND are shields and off-hand items.

In general, I expected the release in November. What I did not expect, especially after the announcement of all that would transpire for the 10th anniversary is that they would release the game just before. It seems like they want people to rush to max level. It does not really affect me in any way. I said it before, I am buying Warlords of Draenor only when new blood elf models, Tanaan, and flying will be in the game. Without that, the expansion might be the greatest there is, but it is not worth the price increase at least in my opinion. Others might disagree.

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