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Diverse Garrisons and its Meaning for the Horde

Horde was through its modern history a lot of things. It started with Thrall and his liberation of all the orcs from the internment camps, but it grew from that with amazing speed. Along the way trolls, and tauren joined. Later on even Forsaken. After that, on the urging of Sylvanas Thrall accepted the blood elves, and after that Garrosh took in goblins and pandaren. With the exception of the pandaren, members of the Horde, at the time of their joining were always considered outcasts, exiles, group of people with nothing to have, and nothing to lose.

This was true for the orcs, the jungle trolls, the tauren, the forsaken, the blood elves, and even for the goblins. They all started from the point zero and moved on as part of the Horde. Some of them, like the forsaken and blood elves managed to struggle and carve something out for themselves, but in general, it was once they became part of the Horde that they really thrived. It was amazing seeing how this group of different people all with their own circumstances, goals, and aspirations managed to defy everyone else and actually succeed.

Granted, they all had their problems, but in the big picture, they were equal to the Alliance, and unlike the Alliance where they all got along by default, in Horde you had to prove your worth, but once proven you had allies and friends for life. That was the Horde Thrall envisioned, created, and passed on to Garrosh. Now, I wish this never happend. I still wish it would be Garrosh at the Wrathgate, and Saurfang the Younger safe back in Borean Tundra. I can see young Saurfang listening to his advisers, following in Thralls steps, and generally be everything we ever came to expect of a Horde warrior and leader. Something, that with time Nazgrim evolved into.

Alas, we got Garrosh. And unlike the cunning devil, and brilliant tactician we know him in the books, Garrosh we got in the game was a common bully. He was closeminded, stubborn, unrelenting, and driven. He was racist, and most everyone who joined to Horde under Thrall hated him with a fury of thousand Suns. Still we could do nothing to counter him, we just had to put up with him, and let it slide. And while we were helpless, Garrosh went on with his campaign for True Horde, undermining every good thing Thrall created in all those year.

Garrosh wanted to have a Horde that was not a diverse group. He wanted Horde to be one thing. He wanted the Horde to represent Orcish War Machine. For Garrosh, Horde was testament to the might and glory of orcish race. He did not see a coalition of nations based on trust, honour, and mutual benefit. He only was great potential for war. This is where Garrosh's downfall started. He did not trust anyone but orcs, he played favourites, while shunning, and oppressing everyone who showed any single sign of dissent.

Garrosh Hellscream saw Horde, as it probably was in times of Rend Blackhand. One great military, where all obediently follow their leader. He always thought this was the position of Warchief, the ultimate power. Form Garrosh's point of view Horde was lead by a tyrant, and thus everyone else had to comply or suffer for their dissent. In truth, the Horde Thrall founded was one led by a dictator, a Roman dictator with extended stay beyond only half a year but still. While Warchief was supreme military commander, and the highest judicial authority, his advisers were more than just that. His advisers were under Thrall's rule his equals. And while his was the final say, To go through with something others disagreed with was highly unlikely.

Thrall understood his role. That his authority over others comes in play only when in dire need. In time of peace, every adviser would govern his people as bast as they think or can. He understood that he cannot really mess with internal affairs of others, and for that he was respected. I believe Vol'jin will follow in Thrall's steps. Vol'jin was there from the first days of the formation of what we now know as the Horde. He saw how it began, and on what basis, he has the foresight needed to avoid making the same mistakes Garrosh did.

Unfortunately, Garrosh lacked that foresight. And now, once we defeated him, witnessed his trial, and let him escape, we face a new threat. Another Horde. This one, the one to Garrosh's liking. Formed of only orcs, where other races, if present at all, are subjects, servants, or slaves of the great Orcish War Machine. And instead of using this Iron Horde as a foil to contrast what our Horde is all about, Blizzard decided to go once again with full orcish narrative.

That drives me crazy. I am saddened by the fact that as a member of the Horde, I am still forced to build an orcish garrison. Even when statistics show blood elves are the most playable Horde race. I am left wondering, what does Blizzard mean when they say that our Horde is not just orcs, but then goes on developing only orcish houses and buildings. I understand human architecture. After all, humans are the most popular race in the game. Now I get it would be weird if all the races of the Horde built their garrison in the style of blood elves. I truly do, I am not suggesting it.

What I suggest is the garrison that actually includes all seven races. I would actually like my garrison to reflect this Horde of many colours. What I have in mind is that the buildings that would be stereotypically connected with a certain race, are done in the architecture of that race. I am sure it would end up looking like a shantytown, but it would look much more authentic than the generic more spikes approach Blizzard loves so much when they talk about "Horde" architecture.

For example: Forsaken Alchemy Lab, Blood Elven Enchanter Study, Goblin Engineering Works, Blood Elven Gem Boutique, Orcish Salvage Yard, Forsaken Scribe Quarters, Tauren Storehouse, Blood Elven Tailoring Emporium, Forsaken Forge, Troll Tannery, Orcish Barracks, Goblin Workshop, Tauren Stables, Blood Elven Mage Tower, Orcish War Mill, Troll Barn, Pandaren Tavern, Orcish Lumber Mill,  Goblin Trading Post, and Horde Gladiator's Sanctum.

This, would in my opinion show much better what our Horde is all about than the uniform orcish looking Garrison. It is not the orcish architecture or the orcs that make the Horde what it is. It is the Red Banner painted with black insignia that makes the Horde for what it is. Horde is not some uniform entity. Horde is a diverse group of very different people, that all share a common goal. While with years they might have formed friendships, and share certain beliefs, at the end of the day it is their variety that makes them different from the Alliance, and the Iron Horde.

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