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Lack of Tier Sets in LFR

LFR is modus operandi of all those who always wanted to experience the story behind the raid, without all the time, and effort that usually had to be invested. Granted, if that was all there was to it, we would go once, see what is it all about, and never come back. The truth is, LFR remained as popular as it is among the people because of the loot. And while all those various pieces of gear are fine, we were always coming back in order to collect all the Tier pieces, or at least enough of the tier pieces to get a bonus. At least I did it because of that.

The reality behind LFR is that most people you encounter did not look up the fights, do not know what is going on, do not give their all, and are there either for the ride, or the loot. In LFR we are all strangers, and competition. If that random Warlock gets a token for my tier piece, I will not be happy, I will be cursing that warlock. If that random Warrior gets that greatsword instead of me, I will curse him too. There is no reason why I would not. I did not came to LFR for jokes and giggles. I did not join the queue to be a good Samaritan and help others obtain what they want. I joined in order to see the story, and after that to get the pieces of gear that I need. Believe me, once I collect all I need, it is "After that, it is So long, Farewell Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!" Nothing personal.

While this might appear selfish, people in LFR are all strangers. You do not have any connections to them beyond being stuck in the same group as the other 24. If you raid with the guild, these are the people you interact with on a regular basis. This is the group where no matter who gets that piece of gear, you all profit. And you know that eventually you will get it too. With a bunch of strangers that you probably see only on this one occasion there is no incentive. There is no incentive to roll greed if you already have that piece of gear. Yes, it is nice thing to do, but then why should you be nice for the sake of being nice, if all others are jerks.

To be honest, that is not fair comparison. Personally I like to apply the golden rule to this kind of situations, and I tend to believe that how you treat others, is how others will treat you. If you respect them, they will respect you too. But that does not mean I will go out of my way to ensure everyone eventually gathers all they need.

That brings us back to the removal of Tier armour sets from LFR come Warlords of Draenor. Personally, I consider this a grave mistake. No matter how inferior the stats in comparison to the more "elite" sets, obtaining tier set from a LFR was still a goal worthy of pursuit. Random armour sets you will be able to obtain now are pittance in comparison. Not only are they ugly, they are no incentive for people to actually go and queue for LFR.

Some people will still do it anyway. For valour, or whatever the new currency will be. Some might even do it because it is just the right difficulty. Some might even want to obtain those ugly armour sets for various reasons ranging all from transmog to legitimate upgrades. But in essence this is the deep cut in the back of LFR. If you really want efficiency you are better of with a group you put together yourself. If you go, and do Normal Raid difficulty, you will be able to obtain Tier armour, items will be of higher Item level, and because you are actually coordinated group, there is a chance you know what you are doing, and how to get things done.

All the merits LFR ever had over the normal raid difficulty are lost, when you consider the fact that as of Warlords of Draenor LFR will lack any incentive to engage with it on a regular basis. Only crazy person would willingly choose to suffer for nought a group of people that he does not know, care, or want to see ever again. The truth is that LFR is internet in a box. It might have awesome moments, but it is rather depressing and insufferable otherwise.

But then again, this might be just me. Maybe others have great and many positive experiences with LFR. In my opinion, if I wanted more "hard-core approach" to raiding, I would go and play Wildstar. Hardcore might be nice, and I am certain the raiders deserve some sort of reward to set them apart from the plebs that raid only in LFR these days. That said, I do not thing Tier armour sets should be that reward. After all, raiding should be satisfaction by itself for those hardcore raiders. Any kind of reward is just a bonus for them, as they seek challenge, not medal for participation.

And yes, I see it as irony that I talk about medals for participation, and still demand to have Tier sets obtainable from LFR. My reasoning, LFR version of Tier sets is in all things that matter inferior to the versions of Tier armour that can be obtained from higher difficulty raid settings. Thus, I want only what I had until now, I want status quo.

UPDATE: When I published this post I knew something was missing. I could not pinpoint what exactly, but I knew that the argument is incomplete. As I could not identify what was missing, I went along and published it anyway. Fortunately, thanks to conversation I had with Lacotill, and Fierydemise over on twitter I figured it out. What I wanted to add is that with the removal of Tier armour sets from LFR, the mode is starting to die a slow death. Nobody likes it, and Flex is far better option. Any incentive that ever was there to enter LFR is now gone beyond that first tourist experience. And if Blizzard wants it gone, it should just remove it, not kill it slowly by letting the interest for it dwindle into nothingness.

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