Saturday, 27 September 2014

One Year of Cogitationes Astalnaris

One full year of blogging.

Cogitationes Astalnaris's age is now finally on the clock.

I will admit this is one strange post for me to write. I never liked celebrating birthday, it felt sort of artificial. Anniversaries were always just a waste of time. I never liked the attention that I got for just being. It feels cheap, and as if anyone can do it. Like those medals for participation I keep hearing about these days. Birthday to me was always of no value.

On other hand, I always loved celebrating achievements, because these were earned. Something I accomplished myself, which was not just handed to me on the basis of existing. It is why I love meritocracy.

I always liked celebrating birthdays of friends and family, because I cared for them, and I actually saw some sense in celebrating their birth. If they did not exist, my life would be empty(er). And yes, I see the irony that this same logic could be used on me, and my birthday, but I will always argue that other people actually want to celebrate their birthday. While I find my own birthday to be a great day that changed the human history, but no one should pay any attention to it until I achieve greatness. and conquer the world.

No need to be modest, we all know I am arrogance personified, and living manifestation of narcissism. I'm rather tight-fisted as well.

All that aside some changes will be coming to this blog. Some new things as well. By now you probably noticed new theme. I have been meaning to change this for some time, and there were minor changes every now and then, but I was determined to leave major changes for some more auspicious time. One Year Anniversary seems like a perfect opportunity. It is still not completely done, but it should by the end of the month.

Aside from my regular ramblings, thoughts, and musings there will be two new columns that will emerge every so often.

Fabula Brevis
The first of the two is connected a bit with the traditional NaNoWriMo that takes place in November. As I think one month is far too little for anyone who wants to write to write, I am making this into a column instead. To be clear, yes it is possible to write a 50000 word novel in a month, but why should we limit ourselves to only one month out of twelve? Why not write all the time? Here you will find short stories I have written or have yet to write.

The name is rather simple, but it hearkens back to how I decided to name my blog. Fabula Brevis means Short Story. I know, in Latin it sounds far more exciting, and I hope you enjoy it. I welcome any insight, critique or comment you are willing to give or make. Whatever you say, I will simply accept it, or in the worst case ask you to elaborate on it. No resistance, no arguing, no disagreement. No hard feelings. This is a rare chance you will not see often around these parts. So go for it.

Scheming Dice
The second of the two will be focused on the tabletop gaming. I rather like rolling dice and roleplaying, and I feel this could vary things a bit so it is not just random ramblings on how people are corrupt, or how I still have not finished all the bosses in heroic Naxxramas. In general I feel there is number of topics I could cover, and give my thoughts on, that still to this day plague every group that ever sat around a table, and decided to roll some dice and pretend to fight dragons. It is not likely I will be able to single-handedly resolve all the Gordian knots that came to be in all these years, but it cannot hurt to try.

I hope you continue reading my ramblings, and I continue to entertain, challenge, and inspire you with my thoughts about all things even remotely connected to gaming.


  1. Grats, first year of cranking out written content is pretty huge and even thoguh I might not agree with a couple, a bit, may things =p it's still great to have a voice from outside my own general biases.

    Good luck with nano wrimo as well and I'm getting into tabltop lately as well so lookign forward to that


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