Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Blizzcon 2014 Wrap-up

The one big news that came out of this thing is the new IP. First for Blizzard after 17 years. The game rose from the ashes of the Titan which was killed even before it was born. Tough times. I wonder if this was the rumored Prometheus, especially when you take in consideration that Prometheus was the son of two titans.

You are probably wondering what is Overwatch all about. In short, imagine a cross between Wildstar and Team Fortress 2. Got it? Yeah, that right there, yup, you got it. That is it, that simple. Like Heroes of the Storm, the game is focused on the objectives and all its classes, heroes, champions, whatevers have their own abilities and weapons. There was much talk about diversity, and I am still left wondering how come we're not able to create our own characters. After all, Tracer did insinuate that was the gist of it at the end of Pixar-like long Overwatch cinematic. Her words: "You know, the world could always use more heroes."

Instead we are presented with an array of heroes to choose from, and that is it. Sorry, from a game that was meant to be an MMO I do expect a character creation. I do not really care for all the heroes and villains when they don't really matter. All in all, I don't think Overwatch is going to be my cup of tea. It might be fun, but I generally avoid first person shooters. Reinhardt looks fun, but I question how competitive he can be in comparison to the rest of them considering he appears to be all melee kind of hero in a game where everyone is shooting at you. He has his shields, but he appears to be rather slow-footed. To each their own I guess.

Heroes of the Storm
Couple of announcements. The game will soon enter open beta, if I remember correctly somewhere in January 2015. I should really make a list of posts I want to write about Heroes of the Storm but that will have to wait until next time. Couple of new maps were revealed, and they look great. Only thing about these new maps I did not like was the Diablo themed map with Hell and High Heaven halves. The High Heaven looks great, on the other hand Hell looks like Hell. Which I once again do not like. it looks dark, and gloomy, and generally unappealing. And while that might be the intended design, I would prefer if the whole map was consistent. Either whole map as Hell, or whole map as High Heaven. Just like all the rest of the maps. I lean in support of the whole map looking like High Heaven. It is bright, appealing, and warm.

A couple of new heroes were announced. The Lost Vikings Olaf, Erik, and Baelog will make their appearance as "one hero". Aside from them, there will be Thrall, Jaina, and Sylvanas. We do not really know what role Thrall is going to fill. Jaina appears to be Specialist, and Sylvanas will without any kind of doubt be a Ranged Assassin. Thrall on the other hand, if you would ask me, I would without hesitation say Warrior, or Fighter whichever nomenclature you are looking at. Instead, for what little information we have it appears they branded him an assassin. Sure, whatever.

I wonder if we will get some other heroes any time soon. At least one hero per playable race in WoW sounds a fair deal. Humans, taurens, night elves, goblins, orcs, dwarves, pandaren, and now with the future addition of Sylvanas even forsaken are covered. That leaves us with blood elves, gnomes, draenei, trolls, and worgen. I don't think anyone escaped me. If I was to decide, I would add Lady Liadrin, Velen, Gelbin Mekkatorque, Vol'jin, and Genn Greymane. As for my personal taste, I would like to see Lady Liadrin, Kael'thas, Samuro, and Grom Hellscream added.

A new expansion was announced. Goblins vs Gnomes it is called. It features 120 new cards, a new booster pack that will be sold at the same time as the regular, and I already started saving gold to buy new packs when the expansion is released in December. You notice the incredible amount of dates, and months in this post? Yeah, I am shocked as well. Usually with Blizzard it is all soon, or soonish, or some day. What really interests me though, is how the Arena rewards will be handled with the new card packs looming on the horizon. Will you be getting one GvG card pack by default, or will you get the regular Expert card pack by default? This is something we will find out eventually I would think. Good news, I just collected 1600 dust that I am saving for the first GvG legendary card that we will be able to craft.

Warcraft Film
Last, and the least in this case we have Warcraft. Nothing really new there. No new expansion announced, probably because Warlords of Draenor will last at least a year and a half, I would bet on two. There were more details about the film in making. And since nobody is really telling me anything about the teaser shown, I cannot judge for that. But what we saw of armours and equipment is quite concerning form realistic viewpoint. And NO I am not talking about the size of pauldrons, those look quite normal from what we are used to in World of Warcraft. Another concern is that the armour looks fake. What should be mail and plate, is obviously not made of iron or any kind of hard material.

What grabbed my attention is ludicrous amount of details and ornamentation on common footsoldier's armour, shield, and sword. The amount of details on the armour is too much. It looks like a parade armour, an armour that was worn in processions instead of war. And that is concerning because historically, only rich and powerful could afford highly ornamented armours. If we presume that Stormwind finances the whole equipment for its soldiers, and they wear such armours, then we just found the reason why Stormwind is always broke, and on the verge of financial collapse. A soldier's armour is meant for fighting, not for looking nice. King's armour on the other hand is both good looking, and can sustain combat. Not that it ever will, because most kings with any kind of common sense will not fight from the front lines.

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