Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Thoughts on Preview of New Blood Elf Models

Yesterday Blizzard finally deigned to show us where they are currently with the new Blood Elf models. Overall they are improvement over the old models, but there are some striking changes that I support and some lack of changes that I would love they decided to change as well. As I am currently still in boycott I declared some time ago I was looking to this preview very much. The three conditions I set before Blizzard were the release of new blood elf models, return of flying at max level on Draenor, and introduction of Farahlon in one of the patches. And I will be damned if I buy Warlords of Draenor before at least two of the three conditions are fulfilled. At least at this increased price range.

That brings us to the new blood elf models. First on the list are the females. In comparison to the old ones, the new model actually has some flesh, and is not just skin and bones. That is nice. What I love the most about the new female models is the new posture. They are not twisting their back as if they are on catwalk anymore. Female blood elves now actually look normal when it comes to posture. And that in my book counts for a lot. All in all, female blood elf model is quite an improvement over the old as it does not resemble a mannequin any longer, but instead a normal living functioning being.

While its physique remains idealised, there is no doubt about that, it is actually acceptable and expected. Those are blood elves after all, you expect them to look beautiful. Face as well looks better, but as we know by now we will have to wait until we see the final results and how those results reflect on our own characters, before we can bring the final verdict.

Next are the male blood elf models. These were a cold shower in comparison to the female models, simply because the female models built up so much expectation. When you compare the old and new female model you can see the change in their posture, and most people would agree that is one change for the better. In male blood elf model's case though, they retained the old unnatural posture because, as they say it, is "easily recognizable pose". By God, that posture is easily recognisable not because it is so good, but because it is so impossible to recreate in real life. That is not how anyone stands.

Yes, you could lean on one foot more than the other, but you will never lean on one foot and then lift the opposite shoulder to balance your stance. This is something you might find some Greek statue to do, but no real person. I really hoped they would have fixed this, especially after I saw how they fixed it with female blood elf models, but as they say it, it is easily recognisable stance and thus it will stay. No matter how stupid it looks. Here is hoping that with orcs getting their straight posture, male blood elves get the same choice as well.

Aside from that, it is obvious from first glance that the male blood elf models got more bulk as well. Their arms, legs,  and torso are all more muscular and wider. I do not mind that minor change to be honest. As for the face, it goes the same as for female models, we cannot really judge until we see how those changes apply to our own characters. It certainly looks superior to the old model, but we saw in what this could result on other models. Good thing is we have face recustomisation now available at our nearest barbershop. And why is there still no barber in Silvermoon? Of all the Horde cities, you would think Silvermoon would be in high demand for all those narcissists.

Another change that I like and applies to both models is the eyes. Their glowing pupils are exactly that. Simply glowing pupils. it resembles much more the old art we saw of blood elves, than what we had for years in the game. What I am most worried though are the hairstyles at this point. I saw my main's hairstyle on a new human model, and it was ruined, I saw it on a draenei, and it passed, so I am split between despair and what little of hope still remains that when it comes to blood elves everything will be just fine. We will see how it turns out in the end. By Blizzard's pace, we will probably know the end result in February.

Not to mention that they probably won't fix the problem male blood elf models have with the hovering pauldrons, or the issue female blood elf models have with too small two-handed weapons. If they actually fix this, I will print this post on actual piece of paper and then eat it.

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