Monday, 17 November 2014

Power of Transmog: Spartan Hoplite

This armour set was long time in making. Putting it together proved to be quite the task. Finding the right pieces, especially leggings was close to impossible. At one time, I was even ready to make it an incomplete armour set with a belt instead of pants. Fortunately, I kept digging and among new batch of leggings added in Warlords of Draenor I finally stumbled upon a pair that was acceptable. Unfortunately, this makes the complete set available to Horde only. What can I say, you cannot have it all, Alliance. There is only one faction that has true warriors, and by this armour set, that faction is Horde.

The idea for this armour set came from the reminiscing I did in a post about my Warcraft experiences. You see, Astalnar was not my first paladin, and not my first main either. Before Astalnar, there was Spartanus. Also a blood elf paladin, that I played on account I shared with my friend from the start of the Burning Crusade. As we parted ways, I bought my own copy of World of Warcraft and created Astalnar. But that is sidetracking. Spartanus was the result of my fascination with the Ancient Sparta, the history, and its warrior culture. I loved their laconic nature, and their unique view on life.

Spartans as you probably know it were in their time warriors without equal. Their mothers became famous for saying to their sons before they went to war: "Either with your shield, or on it." They did not tolerate cowardice, and the state took care of the future warriors from the early age ensuring they are in good health, and ready for war. Women had to be in good shape as well, because only healthy mother could give birth to a healthy child that would grow one day in a healthy citizen and warrior.

That is enough about Spartans for now, let us see the armour set I put together. It is a bronze armour with red details. Red was the colour of Sparta. As WoW has its limitations you will have to do with shorts, and pauldrons. Still I tried to find a pair of pauldrons that would sit well with the rest of the set. In order to complete this set you will have to stalk the auction house, do the quests in Cataclysm, venture into Ulduar, Naxxramas, buy an heirloom, and build a War Mill in your garrison. I just need to state this, hoplites would carry a shield and spear as their main weapon combination, but because that is in impossible in World of Warcraft if you are not Fury Warrior, and even if you are Fury Warrior it is useless in combat, you will have to do with either spear alone, or sword and shield.

Spartans used to wear Xiphos or Kopis, as their secondary weapon. I really tried to find a sword that would look more like kopis, but anything even resembling the shape is too large. Both kopis and xiphos were short swords. If I was to find something resembling, but of wrong size it would defeat the whole purpose. After all, the shortness of the Spartan swords was the running gag across the Ancient Greece. I hope you like the set I put together for all platewearers on the Horde side, and enjoy wearing it. And if you want to learn more about the ancient Sparta, The Life of Lycurgus by Plutarch is a good start.


  1. a spartan hoplite warrior said "my sword is too short" and his laconic mother replied "if you took a step forward it wouldnt be:) The only thing sharper than a Spartan Dory is the sharp tongues of Spartan women:)

  2. that looks really really good


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