Sunday, 2 November 2014

WoW: Disappointing Iron Horde Invasion

I am not impressed. After more than a year-long wait for any kind of new content, what we get is a series of shallow couple of quests that serve no real purpose. Frankly, I am disappointed. I am disappointed with the quality of quests, and the lack of purpose they suffer from. At least on the Horde side, it appears these couple of quests do not really have any meaning whatsoever.

To recap, Iron Horde invades through the Dark Portal, storms the Blasted Lands, destroys Nethergarde Keep, and captures the Horde outpost while Horde is trying to retake Nethergarde Keep. You can imagine the Horde did it out of goodness of their heart, and how they would return the ruins of the destroyed keep back to the Alliance. Especially after realising this one keep was thorn in their side for great many years. Yeah, Horde would totally return the keep if they managed to oust the Iron Horde and not lose their base in the process.

What bothers me most is the approach the Horde took to the whole matter. The only one trying to figure out what is going on is Rokhan, and even he gives up after learning that Khadgar is investigating the whole thing, and that the scout he sent out died a gruesome death. The Horde I remember loved fighting, but it went right for the throat. There was never any dilly-dally with eye for an eye approach. With the Horde it was always, you take an eye, Horde takes your heart out. There was no mercy, no pity, and no forgiveness.

So it bothers me greatly when I see my beloved Horde wasting time and its warriors by fighting the Iron Horde just for the sake of fighting, and because the enemy dares call itself a Horde. Like our Horde has a trademark or something on that name. Instead of investigating the origins, who leads them, where they came from, we just see a bunch of brown orcs, that call themselves Iron Horde, and came out of the Dark Portal to conquer Azeroth. That is all great and all, but I would still like to know how the Alliance just took it as a given that our Horde doesn't have anything to do with the whole matter.

If I were Alliance, hell even while I am part of the Horde, the first thing I would suspect is some kind of Mag'hari uprising. I would suspect we have traitors on Outland. Otherwise why wasn't there any warning? I would turn every possible scenario, send my best to investigate the whole mess. Instead what we see is just a simple reaction to the whole mess. All we really know is that the first wave of Iron Horde kicked our ass, and now we are fighting them because we don't like getting beaten on our home turf.

There is no explanation of the mess we are thrown into. There is no reason why we should even care about the Iron Horde. Sure, they came through the Dark Portal, but they are not the only one. And as we see, putting them down is simple enough. So, if we can contain the whole situation as simply as that, why do we even need to launch a "suicide" mission in order to save the Azeroth from the terror that is Iron Horde? From what I could see the Iron Horde is more like a bogeyman that scares little children than a real threat that could endanger the whole Azeroth.

If this was exploration mission I would accept it, and say that is just fine. But we are presented with the whole idea of Draenor and its Warlords as something really bad, something that is a real threat to us all. But in reality, it is a fear of unknown. And we are not even capable to learn anything about this great terrible unknown. We are quite happy by just slaying those couple of miserable grunts that just happened to pop out of the Dark Portal. Oh, and we poisoned rat stew ogres were cooking, that will show them.

Next time instead of wasting everyone's time by silly competitions on which chopper is better, maybe spend more time with the story, and how to present it to the players. I know there can be too much information to present it all to players, but some common sense can go a long way. I am not asking for miracles, I am asking for essential information. For example, why not cutting the head of a snake instead of biting it for its tail? Also, how about Thrall stops saying: "Welcome to Orgrimmar. Have you come to serve the Horde?" He was offered the position of Warchief, he declined, time to move on.

Yes, I as a player know all the backstory there is to it. But that should not be excuse why things are not explained in the game. If that was the case then there would be no point in having different races, classes, factions and the whole game as it is. It is just pixels and numbers...

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