Thursday, 11 December 2014

Hearthstone: Miserable Launch of Goblins vs Gnomes in EU

You know how we speculated that Blizzard had separate launch for EU, and the rest of the world because it might be due to server capacity? You know how we thought this might all be because unlike other Blizzard's games, Hearthstone servers for EU are located over the pond? While that might be true or not, it does not really matter any longer. It probably never mattered anyway. What matters is the fact that the Hearthstone expansion launched in Europe a day after the rest of the world, and it still suffered for the same problems they had in America.

Now I can understand the bottleneck. I do not even blame the Blizzard for this, even though at this point they should have been better prepared. But they were not. What I have problem with is that for the whole day of the 9th of December we had barely any information about the release of the expansion that by all means should have already been released in EU. And by God, this is a problem Blizzard seems to just let happen on their own. They let it fester. It boggles my mind how a company of their level fails at the basics that are communication with your audience. This should never happen in the first place.

Technical difficulties that I highly doubt they were solving for a whole day. And then, at the end of the day they publish a notice of "scheduled maintenance". Really?


Scheduled Maintenance?

What the fuck were you people doing for the duration of the whole day? Scheduling this maintenance?

It is really disappointing to see once again reconfirmed what people in EU felt for some time now. That we as a customers do not matter. That Blizzard does not care for us. Even though our subscription for World of Warcraft costs more, even if the price for every expansion is higher in Europe, even if even the prices in the all various Blizzard's in-game stores where you pay with money are higher than the prices in USA. And still we play their games, pay the subscriptions, buy the stuff from the stores, and buy their games.

It certainly is not Blizzard's fault. We are the only fools around here letting them take advantage of us and paying more than the rest for poorer service. You might at least expect to be treated equally considering you are paying more than the others, let us not even start with the ludicrousness that would be preferential treatment.

All I want is a healthy dose of respect.

I am telling you this for some time Blizzard, but it seems you are too high up in your clouds to really hear it. You should care for your customers, not you bloody wallet. WE are your bottom line, WE and nobody else. So please continue with this show of blissful ignorance, and I will continue with my wallet closed. We can play the waiting game if you want. I might not starve you out, you might not even notice me in the grand scheme of things, but it is only a pebble you need to start an avalanche, and you have been pushing boulders of a cliff for some time now.

The notice about "maintenance" came out at 9PM CET. When could we enter the game? Mere minutes before the day ran out and 10th of December began. When were we actually able to play the bloody game? Two in the morning if you were the persistent type, more likely a day after launch. I heard World of Warcraft had similar problems with launch of Warlords of Draenor. At time I attributed this to normal Blizzard launch. It is always shaky for the first couple of days. But now I understand the anger people felt. And all this anger just because Blizzard refuses to prepare in advance and are always caught with their pants down, and then jsut watch the fire to burn out. Their method of damage-control is worthy of the Gotham's Joker.

In other news, I managed to open twenty packs yesterday. Three that were freely given, and Seventeen that I bought with the gold I saved in the meanwhile. Nothing spectacular for now. As it looks, I will have to spend all my dust on crafting rares and epics in order to make a new Paladin deck that will be able to compete with the rest.

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