Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Power of Transmog: Spear of Vol'jin

The other day I came across a new title for Horde players who get to exalted reputation with
Vol'jin's Spear. The title in question being "Spear of Vol'jin". It prompted me to think, how would a warrior (or death knight in this particular case) serving the former Warchief look. It only made sense to take a Troll warrior for the mold, and build from thereon. Here is the itemlist:
  • Roaring Mask of Bethekk
  • Skullpiercer Pauldrons
  • Orgrimmar Chestguard
  • Handguards of the Templar
  • Orgrimmar Belt
  • Orgrimmar Leggings
  • Sabatons of the Righteous Defender
  • Ritual Headcleaver Halberd
Or if you prefer using one-handers and shields, here is a nice alternative:
  • Eye of the Ancient Spirit
  • Worldbreaker's Stormscythe

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