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Apocalypse World: Meet the Protagonists

The other day I was playing around with the character creator in Brink, and discovered it is downright perfect to recreate all the characters my tabletop group played during our First Campaign set in the Apocalypse World, and now our Second one as well. What is best, is that creating those characters in the game, helped me imagine them a lot better than I previously did, It also helped set a certain tone that was previously rather missing or was erratic in entirety. So here is the team:

1st Campaign: Icy Winds of Gretzky

While the Apocalypse was devastating, and a new ice age dawned on the continent that used to be North America (or what remained of it), a small town managed to pull through. Maybe it was because its inhabitants were sturdy and accustomed to cold. Maybe it was their love of hockey gods. Your guess is as good as mine. What remains a fact, is that the town of Gretzky prospered in the harsh conditions where others fell to oblivion. Situated near the great ruins of otnoroT it's scavengers never lacked for work, or strange enemies.

Crimson (The Battlebabe):
He was a man driven by his own ambition and a harsh sense of justice. He wanted a better life for his townspeople, but the methods he used to get there were always brutal and unforgiving. Forget eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. With Crimson it was an eye for two eyes, a tooth for a mouthful. Unforgiving, unrelenting, and uncompromising. He was the ice age incarnate. After he suffered a devastating betrayal at the hands of Lars, one of his supposed allies in the war against the evil sheriff, he pushed on to save the town on his own. The price to pay was terrible, as his gang, as well as the town ended up in ruins. Soon afterward Crimson perished as well, vowing to save a special place in hell beside him just for Lars. Knowing Crimson, he probably did it as well, even if he had to fight an army of devils for it.

Lars (The Chopper):
A big man with a soft heart. All Lars ever wanted, was to have a small garden where he could tend to his carrots, beets and potatoes. But as the leader of a motorcycle gang for hire he was most often seen led by the gang instead of him leading that same gang. What he wanted was very simple, and yet impossible at the same time. He wanted everyone to be happy. This usually translated into him agreeing with whoever presented their plan to him last. They say road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Lars for one never cared about anything else, always believing if only he means well, everything will end well. His main goal was to survive, and ensure the survival of his gang. Everything else, his reputation, his honour, or the way how anybody else could perceive his actions, never mattered to him, and he was not ashamed to admit it.

Pallor (The Brainer):
A mystery to himself as much as to others, Pallor was a strange fellow. Always in the centre of all the action, even though he never wanted to be anywhere near it. He didn't care about power, or wealth, or even fame for that reason. What he understood was how to make himself most useful to the most powerful players in Gretzky vying for power. Hiding in plain sight, where all saw him as weak and impotent, Pallor was the one pulling the strings where no one dared. What he cared about was so esoteric and unexplainable, that he never even tried. The Maelstorm called to him though, and he listened to that syrene call in hopes to learn something, something that would help him understand. Understand what? That is something not even he ever truly grasped. Maybe it had to do something with his upbringing inside of a mental asylum? Might just turn out that the one raised around lunatics is the most adjusted of all the people.

2nd Campaign: Law of the Jungle

Colonel Tranh
Never truly a town, Outpost developed from a military base that found itself in dire need of reshuffeling its priorities after the Apocalypse struck. No more fighting bloody wars, now just fighting for survival. Jungle hides many things; beasts, monsters, ancient ruins, or ambitious men can all be equally dangerous threat. Yet the iron spirit of military still lingers even 50 years after the cataclysmic event that pushed Outpost in oblivion deep in the jungles of Africa. The new commander has a vision to make Outpost great again. It is far from over, it only just began.

Colonel Tranh (The Hardholder):
They say there is a fine line between greatness and madness. Colonel Tranh is a living testament to that. A man with a vision so preposterous, crazy, or indeed ingenious, he had to put down a coup as soon as he came into power. While the details of his succession to the position of the Commander of Outpost might be murky at best, one thing is certain, he will not give away his power to anyone. Colonel Tranh is a cautious and patient man, he hates violence if it can be avoided, and yet if pressed he will make a bloodbath that will ensure that no enemy of his will be left to oppose him. His vision, to fly high in the sky. His plan to achieve it, relegating all the resources into rebuilding a helicopter.

Warwick (The Chopper):
A man of short temper and shorter fuse, but a soldier through and through, Warwick is the kind of commander who takes care of his men first and foremost. His elevation to the commander of the last remnants of the 1st Regiment Cavalry was a field promotion, after their last one died in a skirmish against savages. In order to exact revenge for the death of their last commander, Warwick led his men through some of the harshest battles mankind got to experience after the Fall. Those who heard the tales of the survivors dubbed them Dark Angels, a name Warwick's unit takes a certain level of pride in. While in the past they worked as mercenaries for hire, fighting for whoever could guarantee them more food and petrol, this changed when they came to Outpost. Although Colonel and Warwick do not see eye to eye on everything, Warwick has a deep sense of respect for the man running the show.

Batty Butch (The Gunlugger):
A bodyguard, an assassin, a gun-for-hire, Batty Butch is one-of-a-kind ace-in-a-hole type of man. In a cruel world where might makes right, Butch was one of the fortunate ones to grow up in a safe environment surrounded by family and friends who above all believed in Kantian moral imperative. Even when he was young, that made no sense to Butch. He thought this was invitation to be exploited, and it did not long for him to run away from the safe haven the group of scientists created while working day and night to perfect the cure. There is very little that ever mattered to Buch in his life, but to be on the right side of the gun barrel was one of them. The world is mad, and so are the people, but only way to stay alive and prosper, is to be even crazier then all of them.

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