Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Power of Transmog: Viking Warlord

And so the the white snowy Winter finally arrived. What that means, is that it's time for a colder looking transmog set, and what screams cold and bloody murder louder than a viking warlord? This set is fit for all Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights alike. Although I would hazard a guess it will look best on humans, and surprisingly enough dwarves -it's the beard.

Here is the itemlist:
  • Shardback Helm
  • Ornate Saronite Pauldrons
  • Master's Cloak
  • Ravenskar Breastplate
  • Ornate Saronite Gauntlets
  • Shardback Girdle
  • Ravenskar Legplates
  • Shardback Sabatons
  • Gigantic War Axe

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