Saturday, 4 February 2017

Time to Put an End to Riots

With some people you can reason, some you can persuade, but for some not even a stick is good enough. These days rioting seems to be in fashion. Wherever you turn your eye there seems to be a protest in place, as long as you don’t see the picture and realise it is in fact rioting, not protesting taking place. One thing to make clear from the start, protests are inherently peaceful and thus not violent. Riots are the opposite of it, they are inherently violent and thus not peaceful at all. As soon as a group of people starts destroying private or public property, harassing or attacking other people, they lose any right to call themselves protesters and should be treated accordingly. That is, like criminals who do not belong on the street but in jail. I would advocate that the institutions in power stop treating them as children by just letting them wantonly destroy everything in their sight and beat whoever they seem fit, and instead enforce the Law. Even with the iron rod if need be. They deserve it. This only continues because the authorities decide the mob is not worth the hassle. But that is in its entirety deluded approach. What they need to do is prosecute the violent rioters, those that attack innocent people, those that destroy other’s property, those that organise these riots, and in the end even those and especially those who finance them. Only when they will be severely punished and their lives and prospects for the future sufficiently ruined will that serve as a good deterrence for the rest of these mobs who were entertaining such ideas. Those perpetuating these crimes need to experience the pain, the anguish, the anxiety, and the fear they inflict on any innocent outsider or even bystander by their horrific behaviour. They deserve every broken jaw, every drop of tear gas, and every day of their sentence serving in prison. They broke the social contract, and thus deserve the worst the state can inflict on them. It is after all, them themselves who inflict this upon themselves. But as it stands right now, it will take some time before anyone decides to take a decisive action. What is more likely, is that with the sudden reemergence of Antifa in every riot featured in the media, that their counterparts will start seeking them out knowing they have nothing to fear. The media who is currently in their delusional state cheering Antifa on, ignoring the consequences of their actions will have a different opinion of those that take Antifa up on their offer for violence. But that will not be enough. In the end, for this to stop in its tracks, the pressure will have to come from the top. That means the government will probably have to intervene and threaten to cut funding to the cities and college campuses where the riots are not dealt with away in a swift and decisive manner (I didn’t even finish writing this article when President Trump already took to twitter with that in mind). When it comes to college campuses, the donors present an additional pressure point. While in general it might stand that any kind of publicity is good publicity, that is far from true for colleges. After the protests on the University of Missouri the enrolment rate plunged by 20%, costing them approximately $32 million, thus forcing the University to entertain some budget cuts. Not to mention, the donors and past Alumni were not happy with the negative publicity of their Alma Mater being dragged through mud. And those were just protests. Now entertain the idea, what the University of Washington, or UC Berkeley are in for next year, after the riots that took place there, and made it into national news. The faculty of both universities came out openly against free speech. UW has to deal with a shooting in self-defence, all while no guns are allowed on the campus, thus casting doubts at the efficiency of the campus security. Berkeley on other hand has a PR-disaster on their hands that will tarnish their name for quite some time. What used to be the home of free speech is home no more. Smashing ATMs, bank windows, assaulting people, setting fires, pepper-spraying innocents, and looting a Starbucks being just some of the long list of crimes the rioters got away with unpunished. Can we just for a moment stop and think how unhinged these rioters are when they scream: “F*ck Starbucks! F*cking Zionists!” while claiming they are anti-fascist, “protesting” against the speech of a homosexual of jewish descent? But fret not, we know very well, that the media can’t help themselves but making news out of every tweet President Trump makes. And if the rioters end up not answering for their crimes, then the UC Berkeley will for enabling them, by hitting them where it hurts the most, their wallet. And for the American colleges, that long since stopped caring about education in favour of indoctrination all while filling their pockets, there is no punishment more appropriate.

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