Friday, 21 July 2017

Call of Duty: What's up with all the revisionism?

When I first heard the next instalment of now more than a decade old franchise would be going back to World War II, I was genuinely excited. I thought we'd revisit some of the more iconic battlefields, see some new ones, maybe have the developers show how much things have progressed in all this time, and flex their engineering muscles a bit. What I did not expect is for the developers to go full retard in their attempt to appease some lunatics and their agenda for more "diversity". Especially not on the account of historical accuracy.

But hey, things happen, marketing is marketing, and good press never hurt anyone, right? Well, anyone who was at least hit by a book on World War II, if not actually read the thing, would know that National Socialists did not condone women in the armed forces. Let alone black women. But lo and behold, this is what we're getting in the newest instalment of Call of Duty.

Now, some will say, why take it so serious, it's just a game. No, it is not just a game. It is about keeping the facts straight. You want to have female combatants in a game about World War II, by all means. They existed all the way from Soviets to probably all Resistance movements throughout Europe. Where they did not exist, and were absolutely not black, was in the German army.

But then, I'm reminded that this is a game where German soldiers won't be wearing swastikas, because Germans love to suppress their dirty little secrets. In that respect, how much damage can a black female in a German uniform really do? At some point you have to ask yourself, is this supposed to be a WW2 game? Or is it just a watered down cash-grab masquerading as a historical first person shooter?

Some will say, it is just a multiplayer. The singleplayer campaign will probably be historically accurate. Once again, this is beside the point. The fact that you have it set during World War II, is  reason enough to make your soldiers historically accurate. If that means no female soldiers, then no female soldiers. If that means there won't be an option to play a black guy in the battle for Stalingrad, so be it. You can play the black guy in the battle for British Somaliland (who am I kidding, they'll never let us play in British Somaliland).

In an interview with Forbes, the developers had this to say on the matter:
"[We] wanted our players, regardless of gender or ethnicity to feel they were represented in Multiplayer. The Call of Duty soldier you customize and play as should be a representation of you, your avatar in MP, and that soldier can look however you choose. Allowing players to take themselves into battle, whether assigned to the Allied or Axis factions, was a strategic decision which we believe strikes the right balance of fun and inclusiveness."
The reason the developers gave is downright banal. So, now seeing a swasitka is triggering, but identifying with the National Socialists or Communists is acceptable and desirable? Give me a break. This is such a hogwash it makes my stomach turn.

When I first heard they were revisiting World War II, I had high hopes for this Call of Duty. I thought we would finally be able to see some of the German, Soviet, and Italian campaigns that are always sorely missing. After all, the war did not start with the D Day in 1944 AD, it started in September of 1939. I can't be the only one who thought of playing through the Winter War between Finland and Soviet Union, or the Greco-Italian War between Greece and Italy, or even the German invasion of Poland.

All of these are as of yet unexplored venues. World War II is not just a school trip over the battles of Band of Brothers or Enemy at the Gates, it is much more. I am certain, the developers have the talent and manpower to make all the fronts and battlefields as interesting and engaging as any other - if only they cared enough.

But no, what they care about is submission, and what they pay attention to is rabid SJWs who only want to mold the world to match their perception. How warped and inaccurate the end result turns out to be, is something they do not concern themselves with. They, after all are not the ones who will be playing the game anyways. Just like they don't watch the films they push, comics they destroy, or books they poison. Because the medium of choice for SJWs is just the tool with which they spread their cancerous ideology.

Some might like that, I don't. I'm through with this franchise, and if you care for either historical accuracy or just the state of gaming industry, you should be too.

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