Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Power of Transmog Emerald Nightmare

The other day I was thinking, we have Emerald Dream, and it's all nice and green. But what happens when the dream turns into nightmare? And how would such a nightmare look like in plate armour? This set can be worn by Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights alike.

Here is the itemlist:
  • The Horseman's Helm
  • Pauldrons of the Dragonblight
  • Shawl of Nerubian Silk
  • Chestguard of Ill Fate
  • Gauntlets of Temporal Interference
  • Ravenous Girdle
  • Acid-Etched Legplates
  • Chrono Boots
  • Ruthless Gladiator's Greatsword
Or if you prefer one-handers and shields, here is the alternative:
  • Eredar Battle Blade
  • Ruthless Gladiator's Shield Wall
Alternative cloak:
  • Farstrider Wildercloak

Friday, 25 November 2016

Power of Transmog: Scarlet Samurai

I was putting together this one for some time nowe. It went through I don't know anymore how many itterations just because I would not like a certain piece, or because I loved a certain piece, and thus had to change most of the others. But such is the nature of transmog. Even though we had an entire expansion dedicated to asian theme in Pandaria, there was not much for good old platewearers, at least the picky ones like me. So here you have my take at Samurai in World of Warcraft.

Here is the itemlist:
  • Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons
  • Ragesteel Breastplate
  • Boneshatter Armplates
  • Cliffbreaker Gauntlets
  • Cliffbreaker Girdle
  • Wasteland Armored Legguards
  • Ancient Skeletal Boots
  • Rustic Workman's Shirt
  • Duskbringer
Or if you prefer using sword and shield:
  • Doomforged Straightedge
  • Pulsing Spellshield
  • Felsteel Longblade
And some more two-handed options:
  • Emil's Brand
  • Archaic Defender
  • Strike of the Hydra

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Power of Transmog: Spear of Vol'jin

The other day I came across a new title for Horde players who get to exalted reputation with
Vol'jin's Spear. The title in question being "Spear of Vol'jin". It prompted me to think, how would a warrior (or death knight in this particular case) serving the former Warchief look. It only made sense to take a Troll warrior for the mold, and build from thereon. Here is the itemlist:
  • Roaring Mask of Bethekk
  • Skullpiercer Pauldrons
  • Orgrimmar Chestguard
  • Handguards of the Templar
  • Orgrimmar Belt
  • Orgrimmar Leggings
  • Sabatons of the Righteous Defender
  • Ritual Headcleaver Halberd
Or if you prefer using one-handers and shields, here is a nice alternative:
  • Eye of the Ancient Spirit
  • Worldbreaker's Stormscythe

Friday, 18 November 2016

Power of Transmog: Dragon Slayer

I remember the first time I entered the Sunken Temple, and saw those dragonid guards charging at us with their great spears. It was a moment both frightening and astonishing. I thought to myself, I want to be able to do this. The way they spun those spears while charging, like showing off before attack. It was unique, it was amazing. But alas while we might not have stood a chance the first time, soon enough we figured what to do, and how to do it. It was a learning experience. And we became dragon slayers.

So here you have it, an armour that screams, I fear no dragon, for I am a dragon. It's a transmog for all the plate wearers; Paladins, Death Knights, and Warriors alike. Here is the item list:
  • Wracksoul Helm
  • Temporal Pauldrons
  • Primal Gladiator's Drape of Contemplation
  • Kal'delar Breastplate
  • Bracers of Liberation
  • Foundry-Fired Plate Gauntlets
  • Warmongering Combatant's Girdle of Prowess
  • Kal'delar Legplates
  • Treads of the Past
  • Xu'tenash, Glaive of Ruin
If you prefer one-handed weapons, or are tanking with shield, then here is the alternative:
  • Stormwake, the Tempest's Reach
  • Ward of Incantations

Friday, 4 November 2016

Power of Transmog: Celestial Knight

So after a long time away from WoW I started toying with the idea of having a peek for old time's sake. Because I'm still in the daydreaming nostalgia phase of maybe giving the game one more try, I'm hoping that by posting the list of transmog sets I'll never collect will satiate my desire to roam Azeroth once again.

Thus I present you, a set I dubbed Celestial Knight. I hope that those of you playing, enjoy it. Here is the item list:

  • Helmet of Winged Triumph
  • Pauldrons of Conviction
  • Brilliant Burnished Cloak
  • Brick Breastplate
  • August Celestials Tabard
  • Gauntlets of the Holy Warrior
  • Girdle of the Holy Warrior
  • Brick Legplates
  • Greatboots of the Holy Warrior
  • Calamity's Edge

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