Sunday, 9 August 2015

Decline of Subscribers and the New Hope

There I was, smiling, I am sure I was not cackling when I saw how the subscription numbers of World of Warcraft plummeted in the last six months. Nobody could really expect almost 50% fall to a little over 5 millions. Well, maybe some did, but on my part it was mostly just wishful thinking, that such steep fall would make them fix everything they were doing wrong for some time now. Mostly since Cataclysm. Isn't that just the right ominous name to call an expansion? To explain, in football I used to root for FC Bayern. I'm still their fan, but ever since Guardiola became their manager, and started changing everything that was good and well in Bayern and implementing his own vision I am rooting for Bayern to lose. To kick Guardiola, and then return that what they used to be. Same feeling with World of Warcraft.

But alas, while I will cheer for Bayern again in time, I don't believe I am ever returning to the planes of Azeroth. I missed my train, the next expansion will probably be out in a year, and by no means will I buy Warlords of Draenor. That expansion is just the very embodiment of what is wrong with World of Warcraft today. Buying that hack of a game is not an option, not for me at least. The rest can do or did as they want or did want, but I am not buying.

That said, I am a bit enthusiastic about the next WoW expansion, Legion. We're back on our Azeroth, not the the AU monstrosity. There will be playable Demon Hunters, for now as it seems exclusive only to Night and Blood Elves. Which from the lore point of view makes all the sense. I am sure people will complain. I mean, Druids were meant to be male only class, and priests only female class among Night Elves but that never ended that way, did it?

But yes, good times. Illidan is back, Gul'dan is scheming, Burning Legion is invading, there seems to be more Vrykul and some new elves on the new continent, and Glaives!, and you are in charge of your class order. Which if you are Paladin, like I was, is epic. Surely it will be approximation of this for all other classes as well. But I think they are taking it too far with giving Ashbringer to everyone. Sure, I'd be thrilled to have it, but that is supposed to be the one of a kind weapon with no equal. And now every Retribution Paladin in existence will prance around with it on his back. It cheapens it.

Did I miss something? Well they might increase the price of the expansion because reasons. Surely there will be more new content than in Warlords of Draenor? Right? That surely means raising the price of the game is justified.

Now, does anyone know when Wildstar is going F2P? And can we get Kael'thas back? Like really back?

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