Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wildstar Beta: Final Impression

And so the time has come, to say farewell, and write my final thoughts on Wildstar before the game comes out and hopefully for the first time really threatens the well-established king on its throne. I like Wildstar, the open beta I took part in was one of the most entertaining, and funny MMO experience I had the chance to experience in recent years.

Unlike the most MMO games in this day and age who tried to "copy" World of Warcraft in one aspect or another, they all failed in copying the really important part, the spirit of the game. This is something Wildstar has in spades. It is full of humour, its cartoony nature suits it, and it does not shy away from it, instead it embraces it. I find this to be great approach. If you establish that the prime goal of the game is to have fun through the presence of characters and their emotions, then you make a manoeuvring space where you can approach even more serious topics without deviating from the formula.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Status of Sylvanas Windrunner

For some time now I wanted to write something about the Dark Lady and her position within the Horde and among the Forsaken. I wanted to ponder on her actions, to show how word evil means nothing once you know the circumstances, how evil is the very word without any real sense as one brilliantly named talent of Paladins suggests. Instead, as I continually pushed the idea away, I will now focus on what Sylvanas was up to during the Golden's novel War Crimes and after it.

There is an old saying saying that wolf changes his hair, but not his nature. This is something that is very true even for Sylvanas. Even after she died, was raised into undeath, and after she made certain Arthas died, she is still the same as she was while alive, commanding the armies of Quel'Thalas. She is vicious, calculating, hard-headed. She does not flinch when in face of danger, she loves to spite everyone, to show everyone she can do better, yet after all that, she still longs for love, for her lost family.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Wildstar Beta: Scampering with the Exiles

The Exiles are a gutsy group of refugees, rebels, and mercenaries that have come to Nexus to make a new home.
Ah, the video actually makes them compelling, fun, charming is probably the perfect word. While the Dominion is that crazy kind of fun, full of danger and adventure, Exiles are more of a cute variant of fun, where you go on an adventure to pick flowers and dance in the moonlight. Too peaceful, not enough initiative, lack of imagination. These are the flaws that in my opinion plague the Exiles and make me love the Dominion.

Just to be clear. Exiles were never meant for me. I hate the damned lot of those pirates, scoundrels and criminals of all sorts. It might be my Dominion favouritism talking out of me, but the Exiles consist of flat-out traitors, warmongering drunkards, accidental zombies, and incompetent furriers that do nothing but send you in action. I might be exaggerating just a little, but that is the general consensus for all I care. Still, I wanted to give you my thoughts on the initial experience if you decide to level as an Exile, and I will do it. But do not expect me to like the faction.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Apocalypse World: Season One

There are tens of different openings that I tried with and none really worked with me. The title stands for itself and tells everything that needs telling in the first place. For those initiated there is nothing to be added, while for those not familiar with the setting, we might as well just give up. But because I am too excited about what I was playing for past half of a year with my friends, I will go and try to explain the setting, the rules and the story we have woven together.

Apocalypse World is a roleplaying pen and paper game. If you never played one before, I warmly recommend. You have characters, master of ceremonies (GM) and the whole world you build together. You also roll only a pair of normal six-sided dice. This is one of those beautiful things about Apocalypse World, all the players create the world together. There is never all the burden of micromanaging the world on a GM alone, all the players contribute, and thus call the world their own. 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Wildstar Beta: In the Name of Dominion

The Dominion is powerful interstellar empire that considers Nexus its rightful legacy and will conquer it at all costs.
That one line says it all. If that is not enough, than the video manages to present this glorious faction such as it is. Proud, powerful, cultured, condescending and uncompromising. Those would be just few of the many adjectives that fit well with the Dominion. The other side of the coin would be pragmatic, sociopaths, bloodthirsty, without constraint, and without even a shred of mercy. Dominion Empire is in its essence such as a pack of wolves. They stick together, but they do not tolerate neither incompetence nor weakness.

But before we go on about the Dominion and how really awesome this faction is, (De gustibus non est disputandum) first a few words about the game in general. The music of the game is amazing and resonates with the theme of the game and the actual environment, and the tone of the quest or mission you are currently on. The music spans from melancholic to joyous, always retaining its light-sided mischievous soul. Many games try to convey lots of things, try to immerse the player into the world, few of them actually accomplish this. Wildstar actually manages that, and the music is one of the reasons that make it possible.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

War Crimes, and Garrosh Hellscream

This post will contain spoilers for the novel War Crimes, written by Christie Golden. Consider yourself warned if you care for such things, even if the title of the post should be enough of an indicator in itself to hold you away if you fear to learn anything about the new lore by second hand. But before I go further on rambling of how stupid the issue of spoilers is when it comes to games, and let us be real, this is a novel that ties into the game, let us move on. You have your warning, and I can continue rambling about the topic at hand.

First on the topic we have the accusations and the trial. I said it before, and I only confirmed it by reading the book. The trial is a simple farce. Everybody already established that Garrosh is guilty, and now they are simply trying to determine the punishment that would fit his crime(s). Baine is trying to convince the four August Celestials that Garrosh deserves to live, while Tyrande is arguing Garrosh needs to die. The trial itself is just a farce, show trial, there is nothing of value for justice. Everybody continues to talk about justice through the whole trial, yet the trial itself is just a show for the crowd. To sate their hunger for blood. And crowd is there for the spectacle, not for justice.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Wildstar Beta: First Steps

So after long and arduous path that included missing the first beta weekend because of me not having time, missing the second weekend because of all technical difficulties having to do with me being from the Old Continent, now I was finally able to take a look at Wildstar and asses the situation the game is currently in. I was satisfied to be honest.

First I heard of Wildstar was some years back with that witty little trailer that was a silent promise of all possible misadventures you might take part in by just exploring. You know, that trailer with dashing young spellslinger, bunny hopping scientist, and grim bored with life and having no tolerance for all the shenanigans stone warrior. It was a grand vision that played on the strings that responded to Firefly, and Warcraft. It was a vision that promised both at the same time. I was sold.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Wildstar in Open Beta

It was a hectic week. And now as it inevitably nears to its end some good news came out at last. Wildstar will be in the open beta from 8th to 19th of May. A fair amount of time to take a look at the coming MMO and asses if it is worth its salt. The only problem I currently have is that I downloaded the client previously for a beta weekend which I missed because of all the technical issues. As I was disillusioned by the game, I uninstalled it. And now I have to install it once again. First world problem indeed.

So, what are the plans? As I actually do have some time on my hands in the next two weeks, I plan to take the Warrior for a spin. I intend to focus on Soldier and Explorer paths. They are the ones I think are the closest to my likings. Kill things and be done, check the cave and run from the crazed rats occupying it. I plan on checking the both factions, and see what the flavour of them is, and how do the races differ from each other.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Initial Impression of Warlord's Plate Armour Sets

As the number of presented plate armours that will be ours to wear come Warlords of Draenor slowly increases, I decided it was the time to take a look at them and judge them for ourselves. Ok, judge them for myself. I will focus on four armour sets. Paladin Tier 17, Crafted plate armours, and LFR plate armour set. Honourable mention goes to Draenei Guard Plate Armour for which many speculate it will be something only the guards will wear. That does not mean we will just ignore it though.

First, let us start with the most familliar of all the armour sets, Paladin Tier 17. It does not require a genius to see the similarity between Tier 4, Justicar Armour and that only makes sense. What surprised me though, was the presence the new Tier 17 has. T4 in comparison to T17 looks like domesticated puppy standing beside a direwolf just waiting to tear some demon's throat.

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